APPLICATION AND PROPERTIES • Ready for use finishing coat is designed for stopping, smoothening and refinement of walls and ceilings. • CEKOL B-45 finishing coat can be applied smooth or formed to produce various decorative shapes and textures. • The product can be used solely indoors, in dry premises, on concrete, gypsum, gypsum and cardboard, seasoned traditional cement – lime plasters and acrylic paint coats, featuring high adhesion to the base. • When dried it can be painted with all types of paints. • The product is suitable for manual and machine application using adequate units and tools. • The product is acrylic dispersion based and contains top-quality natural fillers. INSTRUCTION FOR USE PREPARATION OF THE BASE Using the stopping knife remove the remains of oil paints and loose grains of sand. The base should be clean, solid and free from greasiness. PRIMING Highly absorbing base should be primed with deep penetrating primer CEKOL DL-80. PREPARATION OF THE MORTAR The finish coat is ready for use. If necessary, stir to homogenize the consistency. APPLICATION OF THE PRODUCT Apply the product using stainless steel or plastic tools. Apply the next coat when the previous coat is dry. Layer thickness: up to 3 mm. Efficiency: ~1.5 kg/m2 at layer thickness 1 mm. Drying time: depending on the thickness of the coat applied and ambient conditions: ~ 6 hours at coat thickness of approx. 1 mm (at temperature ca. 22ºC and 30% humidity). Temperature of application and temperature of the base: +5ºC to +30ºC. FOLLOW-UP Following initial curing of the coat, the surface can be adjusted using grinding mesh or sand paper. The coat can be painted when completely dry.