HIGHLY ELASTIC TILE ADHESIVE • CEKOL C-11 is used for fixing stoneware, ceramic, stone and glass tiles as well as mineral wool to concrete, bricks, gas concrete, ceramsite blocks, gypsum blocks and panels, stable wood substrates and steel structures. • CEKOL C-11 is suitable for fixing new glaze tiles on the old ones without the necessity of chipping them off. • The adhesive may also be used for warmed-up surfaces, surface smoothing and patching. • CEKOL C-11 is a highly elastic, frost and water resistant adhesive for indoor and outdoor use. APPLICATION PREPARATION OF THE SUBSTRATE Using a spatula, remove the remains of emulsion and oil paints, and loose grains of sand. The substrate should be clean, tight and free of grease. PRIMING Highly absorbent substrates should be primed with a deep penetrating primer CEKOL DL-80 PREPARATION OF THE MORTAR In order to prepare the adhesive, pour 1 kg of powder to 0.2-0.25 l of water and mix thoroughly. Then wait approx. 3 minutes and mix it thoroughly again. APPLICATION OF THE ADHESIVE Apply the adhesive to the prepared substrate using a toothed trowel in a layer of 3 to 5 mm. Capacity per 1 m2 – a trowel with 6 mm teeth: approx. 3 kg. Tile correction time: 10 min. Pot life of the adhesive: approx. 3 hours Setting time for walking and pointing: about 24 hours, at the temperature of 18°C. In the case of heated surfaces, switch the heating off before gluing the tiles. The heating may be switched back on no sooner than after at least 7 days. In the case of gluing outside and to improve the adhesion of highly absorbent and stoneware tiles, CEKOL C-11 should be applied by a continuous layer on both the substrate and the underside of the tiles. Temperature of application and substrate +5°C ÷ +25°C.