APPLICATION AND PROPERTIES • CEKOL F-16 Finisz is a ready-to-use, easily grindable putty. • Recommended for classical grinding as well as wet treatment • CEKOL F-16 Finisz can be used indoors in dry rooms, on concrete and plaster substrates, plasterboard panels, seasoned traditional cement-lime plasters, as well as acrylic paint coats with high surface adhesiveness. • When dry, all paint types can be applied on it. • The product can be applied manually or mechanically with suitable machines and tools. • It is a mixture of special polymer binders, mineral fillers and modifying additives. EXECUTION PREPARATION OF THE SUBSTRATE Using a spatula, remove the oil paint residues and loose grains of sand. The substrate should be clean, tight and free of grease. PREPARATION OF THE PLASTER The plaster compound is ready to use. If necessary, mix it thoroughly in order to make the consistency smooth. APPLICATION OF THE PLASTER COMPOUND The product should be applied to the surface using tools made of stainless steel or plastic. The next layer can be applied already in the early drying phase of the first layer, after it becomes matt. The thickness of the layer should be max. 3 mm. Capacity: approx. 1.5 kg/m2 per 1 mm of layer thickness. Drying time: depends on the thickness of the layer and the ambient conditions: approx. 6 hours with the layer thickness of about 1 mm (at the temperature of approx. 22ºC and the air humidity of 30%). Temperature of application and substrate: +5ºC to +30ºC. FURTHER WORKS After drying, it is possible to make adjustments using a sanding screen or sandpaper. The dry surface can also be additionally grinded by soaking it with water. In order to do so, use plastic, fine sponge or polystyrene float. Painting can be started when the surface is fully dry.