APPLICATION AND PROPERTIES • CEKOL GS-250 is a product designed for dust-free application of the finishing with “wet” treatment on walls and ceilings inside buildings on all mineral substrates. • Wet treatment significantly reduces the amount of dust during the work carried out. • The product is also designed for classical treatment by grinding. • It is a compound of synthetic gypsum, mineral fillers and modifiers. INSTRUCTIONS FOR USE PREPARATION OF THE SUBSTRATE Using a spatula, remove the remains of emulsion and oil paints, and loose grains of sand. The substrate should be clean, tight and free of grease. Defects of and roughness should be filled e.g. with Cekol GS-100 gypsum building plaster. The created surface should be of a uniform thickness for smoothing. PRIMING Highly absorbent substrates should be primed with CEKOL DL-80 deep penetrating primer. Smooth substrates and substrates with low water absorption, as well as in the case of wet treatment, should be primed with CEKOL GB-87 adhesion-increasing preparation. PREPARATION OF THE MORTAR Pour the package content into water in a ratio of approx. 0.45 litre of water for each 1 kg of dry powder (approx. 9 litres per a 20 kg bag) and mix until a uniform thick mixture is obtained. APPLICATION OF THE PLASTER COMPOUND The product should be applied to the surface, using tools made of stainless steel, or mechanically with suitable machines. The mortar should be used within 60 minutes. When applying the plaster with the use of machines, add water to obtain the proper texture. Avoid machine downtime longer than 15 minutes. In the case of wet treatment, after applying the finishing, wait for the initial hardening (the surface cannot stick to hands), then remove the slurry with a sponge. When the surface becomes matt, it can be smoothed with a façade spatula or a trowel. FURTHER WORK After initial hardening, it is possible to make adjustments on the surface. Painting or wallpapering can be started when the surface is fully dry. Capacity: approx. 1.5 kg/m²/mm. Layer thickness 1-10 mm. Temperature of application and substrate +5 ÷ +25°C.