Silicone paint specifically developed to provide premium quality and high resistance to weather conditions and UV radiation. Due to its hydrophobic properties, it prevents moisture penetration through coating and the deposit of dirt. The self-cleaning properties of the paint enable rain to wash away dirt. It is weatherproof and highly resistant to rain. The paint provides a matt decorative finish coat that is highly scrubbable and elastic to resist micro cracking. Due to its thixotropic consistency, the paint does not drip. It is easy to apply and spread, fast dries obtaining quickly full weather resistance properties. On concrete surfaces, cement tiles, brick masonry walls, cement and lime-cement renders, thin-coat mineral, silicate and silicone renders. The paint provides a water repellent, elastic and vapour permeable coating. Moreover, it has enhanced resistance to dirt and microbial growth (alga, fungi). Its technical and usable properties make it perfectly suitable for base coating of elevation walls as well as to produce subsequent renovating paint coats including on stucco, historical building walls. It provides perfect protection to concrete and brick masonry walls. The paint is highly recommended for painting mineral renders, including renders applied over mineral wool insulation, as well as cement lime-cement renders and all types of thin-coat renders.